The garden, in September
"I wish you would come back one day in May.
I'd love to stroll around with you under
the pergola when the wisteria's lignifying
sprouts will be gently enwrapped by violet and
purple blossoms, and their wonderful fragrance will
fill the air.""One day in May, I will be here again",
he answered. "Till then, goodbye, Sophia."

(from Doris Lienhard, “Walking Around With Aldo " in fieri" Edition VI SPa)


The extraordinary beauty and uniqueness of the site immersed in the green has a fascination unforgettable and can be appreciated after an eventful day on the beach or an exciting evening of music in magical cities of the Riviera of Flowers.

In the background between the old strings and stone walls a marvel of vegetable garden grown organically, screws and all kind of fruit trees.


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